Are you in your second-to-last year of high school or grade 11 Internationally and want to try to secure a spot in one of the most prestigious Medical Schools in Italy for academic year 2024/2025?

Humanitas University now offers the possibility to attempt the HUMAT two years before enrollment.

How does it work?

There will be two attempts just as the candidates taking on the HUMAT for 2023/2024: the results of the two exams performed (if taken both, otherwise only one result will be taken in consideration) will be used to determine your admission ranking in the following year.

Should your score not satify you, you will be allowed to take two more examinations during your senior year.

There will be no partial rankings disclosed but only the final one, which will be provided once all four admission examinations have been completed (with respect to the year of your high school graduation). However, at the end of each exam, all scores will be released anonymously.

Only the best score (out of four maximum) will be included in the final ranking.

You can learn more about the HUMAT on our Knowledge Base.

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