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General Knowledge and Logics

You will be given 22 general knowledge and logics questions to solve in 36 minutes and 40 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds (100 seconds) per question.

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It has long been thought that birds are much less intelligent than humans and apes. But now it seems that some species of birds have the same kind of thinking skills as apes. Crows can create and use tools and are socially sophisticated when finding and protecting food. So how can a bird with a walnut-size brain be capable of such achievements? The answer is that both crows and apes have much bigger brains than you would expect from the size of their bodies. The same pattern is found in humans, parrots and chimps - all intelligent animals.
Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?

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There is a higher than average risk of death or injury to young drivers and their passengers. In 2007, 32 per cent of car driver deaths and 40 per cent of car passenger deaths were people aged between 17 and 24. Young male drivers were much more likely to be killed or seriously injured than young female drivers. So in order to reduce the number of road accidents and the numbers of people killed or injured, young people should not be allowed to drive until they reach the age of 24.
Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

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Three friends, Adam, David and Sue are sharing out a bag of marbles. To do this more quickly, they take 10 marbles each time and repeat until the bag is empty. There are not enough marbles for Sue to take 10 on the last turn. Adam and David then give her two marbles each and they all have the same. How many marbles did Sue take on the last turn?

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In 2010 there were over 110,000 incidents of arson (deliberately setting fire to buildings) in the UK in which over 100 people were killed, usually in attacks on people's homes. Only a small percentage of homes have smoke alarms. If more homes had smoke alarms, the number of domestic fires would be significantly reduced. There should be a campaign to persuade people to install smoke alarms in their home as this would reduce the number of deaths. Which one of the following identifies the flaw in the above argument?

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Two security guards, Dave and Geoff, are patrolling an airbase. Dave passes the front gate
every 8 minutes. Geoff passes the front gate every 15 minutes. They have just set off on their individual routes at the start of their shift. How long will it be before they meet up at the front gate again?

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The number of visitors to the local swimming pool at different times on Wednesday last week is
recorded in this table:

Which chart shows the data from the table?

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A regular train service operates between Jayford and Kayton, a 16 km journey which takes 19 minutes. The trains travel at a constant speed of 60 km per hour in both directions except through a tunnel, where they are limited to 20 km per hour. Trains travelling towards Kayton enter the tunnel 4 km after setting off from Jayford. How long is the tunnel?

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The National Farmer's Union (NFU) approves of controlled killing of badgers to reduce their numbers, saying that it is needed to help farming. Badgers are animals believed to be responsible for the spread of bovine tuberculosis which results in large numbers of cows having to be destroyed every year. Animal rights supporters have criticized the proposal, but it is clear that the lives of more cattle can be saved by destroying a smaller number of badgers. This controlled killing should be allowed to go ahead. Which one of the following is the best statement of the flaw in the above argument?

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Apples cost 30c each, bananas cost 40c each and oranges cost 50c each. Daniel spends exactly €2 buying fruit. Which of the statements below are correct?
1 He cannot have exactly 3 apples.
2 He must have at least one banana.
3 He has 4, 5 or 6 fruits.
4 If he has all 3 types of fruit, he must have fewer apples than bananas and oranges combined.

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The table below shows the number of people who voted for each candidate in the recent school election:

When drawing a pie chart of the results one of the numbers above was not read correctly (the other four were correct). The angles were calculated as 113.4 degrees, 90 degrees, 75.6 degrees, 56.7 degrees, and 24.3 degrees. Whose score was copied incorrectly when the pie chart was constructed?

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A street of houses is numbered starting on one side with 1,2,3,4.... At the far end the numbers continue down the other side in the opposite direction so the largest number is opposite number 1. The houses are of identical widths so each house has another directly opposite it.
If number 17 is directly opposite number 56, how many houses are there in the street?

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Television programs that show young people in a school environment continue to feature highly in viewing schedules. Few of the programs, however, give any emphasis on the time spent studying and the work required for academic success. Many of the actors used are far older than the characters they portray, suggesting attitudes, behavior and appearances that are inaccurate and sometimes inappropriate. Broadcasters and producers should try to correct this. Which one of the following must be assumed in the above argument?

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A student gives his friends small, short-­term loans for periods of 1, 2 or 3 weeks after which time they must be repaid in full. He always lends on a Friday afternoon. He starts with €120 and loans out the following amounts each week:

What is the smallest amount of money he has by the end of the 4th Friday?

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After Northern Europe experienced the coldest weather for several years last winter, people are claiming that the theories of global warming are incorrect. This is not a conclusion that can be drawn from the information as it is only based on a single year's data. Global warming is based on long term changes in average temperature. It therefore does not mean that the temperature will increase every year. The extreme weather last winter was caused by cold air from the Arctic which is normally kept there by strong winds around the pole. Last winter those winds were not as strong. Which one of the following, if true, would most strengthen the above argument?

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My three local supermarkets all currently have offers on my favourite breakfast cereal as follows:
1 Buy one standard pack get a second half price.
2 Price of a standard pack reduced by 1/3.
3 Normal price of a standard pack, pack contains 25% extra.
Which of the offers are equivalent in terms of price per unit amount of cereal?

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Rating figures for music are now much more difficult to calculate compared to a decade ago. The introduction of new formats for selling music means that figures have to be calculated based on more methods such as downloads, in addition to the sales of CDs in shops. Additionally, the availability of more formats means that there is more potential for copies of works to be shared with other fans, who do not pay for them. These fans do not show up in the ratings, so the official ratings do not reflect the relative popularity of a work. Which one of the following, if true, would most strengthen the above argument?

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Modern technology has given us the power to use renewable natural resources faster than they can be replaced. The decline of fish numbers provides one example of the way in which modern technology can rapidly use up a natural resource. Modern fishing ships equipped with fish detecting systems and huge nets can gather up vast quantities of fish quicker than the sea can renew them. Because high technology gives us such harmful powers, we must learn to use the renewable resources of the earth carefully, rather than waste them. Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above passage?

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Ten years ago in many European cities, offices typically had spaces for six bicycles, half of which were never used and spaces for 50 cars which were always full. Today, there are fewer car spaces and many more spaces for bicycles which are always full. This change to cycling may seem strange to some as cycling is more effort. Possible causes are rising fuel prices, the introduction of higher parking charges for drivers in major cities, increasing awareness of environmental issues, expensive public transport and traffic jams. Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?

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A courier starts the day in London and makes two round trips to Prague in the day. When she arrives at either airport, she takes the next available flight back. The daily timetable is shown below (all times are local):

How long is the courier’s day from first take-off to last landing?

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If the Carnival Committee does not follow the new European regulations then it may be impossible to guarantee safety. The probable consequence of this would be a heavy fine, which would severely reduce the carnival fund, and could be disastrous for the committee’s finances. Either the committee must meet the safety requirements or the future of the carnival may be under threat.
Which one of the following best expresses the conclusion of this argument?

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Three red balls, three yellow balls and one green ball are placed in a bag and the bag is shaken. I place my hand in the bag and pull out a red ball followed by a green ball. I do not replace either ball. Which one of the following statements is true?

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In 2005, Peter's age was exactly four times that of his son, Quentin. In 2021, Peter will be exactly twice Quentin's age. What is the difference between their ages?


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